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Industrial Automation


EPSUM LABS offers you the benefits of true life cycle support for your industrial automation requirements. Our experience and in depth domain knowledge enable us to provide best quality of services to help you to reduce downtime, increase productivity and reliability, optimize your budget and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Programming, Debugging & Maintenance


Customised code creation such as: Function blocks, templates, etc. Firmware upgrades (CPUs, Ethernet cards etc.), code backup PLC and DCS project works. We provide solutions for brands such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, ABB.


Mimics and screens and popups and alarms and recipes and views. We know how to simplify and streamline your Man-to-Machine Interface. We also provide support for a single, scalable software platform for integrating your existing SCADA, Supervisory HMI and MES systems into a unified operations management solution.


Internet of Things is not only a second internet rather it is an ecosystem of connected physical objects and networks. Having in-depth knowledge of IOT, our engineers have earned expertise over this field. Moreover, our uniqueness is that, we are integrating IOT with Industrial Automation.

IoT with Industrial Automation provides the following advantages.

1. Data gathering, aggregation, and reporting on various performance parameters, such as belt speed, temperature, pressure, power consumption, and so on.
2. Localized analytics to process this data at the point of capture for enhanced reporting, enrichment, and alerts.
3. Cost-based communication routing, to ensure reliable communication starting from the least-expensive connectivity options to others as needed; this includes the use of embedded cellular for seamless communication failover if wired or other connections are severed.
4. Real-time alerting in case of fault detection.
5. Converting your mobile phones into HMIs.