epsum erp

Epsum Erp

Office ERP

Versatile & Scalable Amalgamation of rich features that seamlessly makes it easy on your part to monitor and manage all the verticals in your office and access required data.


User Friendly Comprehensive
Scalable Cloud Enabled
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Maintaining all the financial documents, balance sheets of the company, Inventory records, purchases, vouchers, stock records etc. is included here. Maintaining Account Ledger reports, cash flows, fund flows and all are included.

HR & Payroll

Managing employee details, attendance, leave management & Holiday management becomes easy with the help of our ERP. It also includes payroll management, earnings, deductions as well as taxation that not only adds USP to our ERP rather brings in innovation in managing and strengthening the Organization. It also Increase compliance with ever-changing legal regulations.


ERP inventory management module is used by retail, distribution and manufacturing and tied into retail merchandising systems where users also manage pricing.


Features to manage everything of each department with freedom to add and view user is included in our ERP.


From starting of a project, including members, details about the project, project status, progress, its details etc. can be operated by the project manager. Assigning special task to employees in the project and monitoring until completion can be done using the ERP.

Tender And PO